If you have a child who loves basketball, you want to help them stay motivated and ensure their love of basketball continues. It can be hard during the offseason at their school to keep up with their basketball training. With the help of Mike Scott and his dedicated basketball coaching, your youth will have the guidance and training he or she needs to maintain and continue to grow their skills. Contact us today to register for any of our summer basketball camps.


Founder of Hoop Dreams and basketball coach, Mike Scott, wants to give your child the support and guidance they need in order to achieve their basketball goals. By learning basketball skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting at our youth basketball club, your youth’s basketball skills will continue to grow and strengthen with each drill, practice, and game.


Teamwork is essential to any team-based sport and with the guidance of Mike Scott, kids and youth of all ages will experience a new level of teamwork. Your child will learn when and why to pass the basketball to fellow players, how to communicate effectively with others and how to be humble and respectful of each other.


With drills, practices, and tournaments, kids who participate in Mike Scott’s basketball training program will be able to hone their skills. Skills that will be focused on are:

  • Dribbling skills such as crossover dribble, low dribble and between the legs dribbling.
  • Shooting skills such as jump shot, free throw, and three-point shots.
  • Passing skills such as overhead pass, chest pass, and bounce pass.

All of these skills will help your student play better, communicate better, and grow their love of the sport.

All students need assistance when learning and continuing to grow their basketball skills. With basketball coach Mike Scott and the training programs at Hoop Dreams, your child’s basketball goals, and dreams can be achieved.