• Are you passionate about basketball and committed to nurturing young talent? At Hoop Dreams, we welcome dedicated individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of aspiring athletes. Whether you aspire to coach one day a week or take on a more extensive role, there's a place for you in our dynamic coaching community. If you're ready to share your love for basketball and positively impact young players, we invite you to apply and become a valuable part of our winning team!

    We encourage parent coaches and volunteers, and rest assured, if you have a child in our programs, we'll ensure you're scheduled away from their team or program. Your desire to contribute matters, whether it's focused on skills training, coaching a club team, guiding a youth league, or boosting the confidence of our youngest ballers.

    Please note that we're not seeking coaches exclusively interested in working with elite or high school athletes. Coaching at the elite high and middle school level demands years of experience and a deep understanding of the game.