1. 7 Ways to Improve Your Shot

    Every young basketball player today dreams of having the shooting ability of Steph Curry. Sure, it may seem like an impossible goal. But unless your player puts in the work, they’ll never unlock their true potential. With another season just a few months away, now is the time to start becoming an …Read More

  2. What We Learned While Watching the NBA Finals

    Another NBA season has come and gone. While the average basketball fan may have been focused on Kevin Durant’s injury, the long-term state of the Golden State Warriors, or even the eventual landing spot of Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, the Hoop Dreams team was watching from an instructional standpoint…Read More

  3. Mistakes to Avoid as a Young Basketball Player

    Every basketball player must learn from their mistakes at a young age. The earlier your child can correct their struggles on the court, the quicker they can grow their skill set. That said, here are five of the most common mistakes made by youth basketball players today. Forgetting about the “trip…Read More

  4. What to Expect From Our Summer 2019 Basketball Camp

    Is your favorite basketball player ready to take their game to the next level? The Hoop Dreams team is excited to announce our summer 2019 basketball camps in Lexington. Whether your player is just starting out on the hardwood or has been playing basketball for several years, we have a camp that’s…Read More

  5. Basketball Camp

    Hoop Dreams Basketball Blog

    Welcome to our blog! Anyone who is on this site obviously has a love for basketball and wants to continue learning, playing, and competing. Now, with the guidance and expertise of Mike Scott, with summer basketball camps and basketball leagues, young adults will be able to practice and compete again…Read More

  6. basketball league

    How the Greats Got Their Start

    Becoming good at sports takes a lot of hard work, determination, enthusiasm, and a whole lot of gusto! To be a team player, to be someone that others look up to, to have the skill to play in any stage of the game, from youth basketball, high school ball, college basketball, and beyond takes more tha…Read More

  7. youth basketball

    How Basketball Pros Train

    Basketball players are dedicated sports players, not only practicing before games, but year round and also have a strong training program that includes more than just basketball drills. Professional basketball players don’t train or workout like regular people, they focus on more than just weight …Read More

  8. What Kids Learn From Playing on a Team

    Without realizing it, just being on a team sport will provide you with lessons that can be hard to learn anywhere else. Team sports like basketball give youth an opportunity to spend time with other kids and work together to achieve a common goal. During the summer, or after school, basketball leagu…Read More

  9. Practice These Offensive Skills

    When youth dream of becoming a great basketball player, it takes determination and dedication to the game. Playing on a high school team every season might not be enough to continue learning and enhancing skills needed to play during college and beyond. That’s where Mike Scott’s basketball camps…Read More

  10. Register For the April Basketball Camp!

    Spring is around the corner, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop practicing the sports you love. Basketball season is in the winter, so it may have been a couple months since you have played on a team, but that’s no reason to give up and spend the summer months not maintaining and enhancin…Read More