What if I cannot attend all the practices, games, tournaments, or events for the program but still want my child to participate?

We understand that families may have other commitments, but joining our club program comes with a significant commitment both financially and to the team. Regular attendance at practices, games, tournaments, and events is crucial for the player's development and the team's success. If a player constantly misses practices, their playing time will be affected, as team cohesion and skill development are vital for success. Participation in training sessions is equally important. Missing multiple training sessions can hinder a player's skill development, potentially impacting their playing time. It's essential for players to stay on top of their skill work and training to contribute effectively to the team. Financial commitment is a crucial aspect of joining the club program. Regardless of attendance, families are required to fulfill their financial obligations as outlined during registration. This commitment ensures the smooth operation of the team and the program as a whole. We believe in transparency and encourage families to consider these aspects carefully before committing to the club program. If you have concerns about balancing commitments, we recommend discussing them with the coach before joining the team.