Another basketball season is just about underway in Lexington. Here at Hoop Dreams, our coaches want to help you gain an advantage over the competition during tryouts. Check out these tips for impressing the decision-makers and, ultimately, making your team this fall.

Be early

“If you’re not early, you’re late.” Whether you’ve heard this phrase hundreds of times or not at all, it certainly applies to basketball tryouts. Players who make a habit of arriving early for everything often get the chance to develop relationships with teammates and receive individual instruction from the coaches. Additionally, early arrivers can take their time getting ready (lacing up shoes, having a snack, etc.) as opposed to players who show up either right when practice starts or shortly after.

Be in shape

Players hoping to make an elite basketball team this fall must be in impressive shape — period. Those who show they are visibly exhausted after conditioning drills are typically the first ones cut. At Hoop Dreams, we suggest going through some sort of preseason workout program in an effort to be ready come tryout time. Trust us, if you feel as though you’re on the bubble of making a team, do everything in your power to be the most conditioned player on the floor.


It’s one thing to be well-conditioned for tryouts. It’s another, though, to be the hardest working player. Regardless of how well you shoot in front of the coaches, make it a point to give maximum effort at all times. This means diving for loose balls, getting involved on the boards, and playing lockdown defense. Every coach needs at least one “hustle” player on their team, so go into tryouts with the mindset of being that player.

Display basketball intelligence

Just because you may not be a lights-out shooter or dominant post player doesn’t mean you can’t be the smartest player at tryouts. Coaches want players who display a high level of basketball intelligence, meaning they run drills correctly, grasp plays and concepts in a hurry, and avoid making mental errors during scrimme time. It’s also worth going out of your way from time to time in order to help a struggling teammate.

Bring energy

Tryouts are stressful for everyone, including players, coaches, and parents. That said, playing tight never bodes well for your chances of making a team. So relax, be loose, and remember you’re playing the sport you love! If you’re constantly enhancing the energy level during practices, chances are that the coaches will want to keep you around.


It’s no secret what makes Hoop Dreams Lexington’s choice for youth basketball instruction. We are proud to offer various skills classes for all levels. At Hoop Dreams, we take a player-focused approach to each of our basketball camps and clinics.

Parents only need a few minutes at our facility to see that we are more than just another youth basketball club. Hoop Dreams coaches have a passion for seeing our players thrive both on and off the court. You can count on Mike Scott, our top basketball coach, to have your son or daughter ready for tryouts this fall!

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