Basketball players are dedicated sports players, not only practicing before games, but year round and also have a strong training program that includes more than just basketball drills. Professional basketball players don’t train or workout like regular people, they focus on more than just weight lifting and getting their heart rate up. Though it does take these things as well, learn how a pro basketball player trains. If you want to get started on your basketball training and work on building your skills with a true basketball coach, Mike Scott, see what Hoop Dreams has to offer.

Sweat and Hydrate

Sweating during a workout can take a lot out of a player, literally. Many basketballs lose several pounds on the court due to sweating. This may be extreme for a youth basketball player, but when you train for hours and sweat constantly, you need to rehydrate properly. Sports nutritionists say that you should drink 20 ounces of water for every pound you lose from sweating.


Personal Goals

Goals can mean more than just making the team or winning the most games at the end of the season. The pros ask themselves serious questions in order to find a goal that is important to them personally. Ask yourself, “why are you here?” Getting to the fundamentals of everything can give you purpose and drive towards achieving the more game-related goals. If you want to become one of the best basketball players, there is a lot of work that needs to be put in. Finding the right training, workout, and nutrition methods based on what you are looking for can ensure that the right work is done to achieve goals.


360 Degree Training

Basketball programs often focus on one level of training, but there is cross training as well. While weight lifting, squats, and bench presses are a great workout method, players also have to condition their body for moves that are common on the court. A core workout will strengthen parts of the body that benefit movement on the court.


Of course, basketball training wouldn’t be complete without drills. Basketball-specific training includes working with the ball itself. Working on drills that consist of ball handling, jump hooks, baby hooks, and game shooting to improve quickness and agility on the court. Pros will focus on areas where they aren’t as proficient in.


Without fuel to power through an intense workout, no one would grow. Include a good amount of protein at every meal, such as fish, eggs, Greek yogurt, nuts, or protein shakes. When eating carbs, pros will eat what they need depending on the workout for the day. Eat oatmeal, fruits, and vegetables about an hour prior to a workout for extra fuel.

Setting goals, getting an all-around beneficial workout program, and a balanced diet is essential to training like the pros do. When you want to train with a professional basketball coach, sign up for Mike Scott’s youth basketball leagues and camps. Basketball camps will give you the structure and guidance you need to help you become the basketball player you have always wanted to be.