If you are a youth basketball player looking for an elite basketball camp in Lexington, you need to check out the Hoop Dreams Summer 2020 camps! Headed by Coach Mike Scott and his team of world class instructors, players of all ages and skill levels can expect to develop their games and become stronger, more confident competitors on the court. Year after year, our basketball camps sell out quickly, so don’t wait to lock down a spot for your player. Register today or contact us for more information. Here are five reasons you need to enroll your Hooper in our youth basketball camps this summer.


A house is only as strong as its foundation, and no player can expect to reach their full potential without mastering the fundamentals of basketball. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Fundamental Factory. Our signature youth basketball camp is focused on improving every aspect of your kid’s skill set through drills and competitions. We are going back to the basics here to take your Hooper’s passing, shooting, defense, footwork, speed and agility to the next level. Your player will work on their individual skills in game-like situations, while receiving one-on-one training from our team of decorated instructors along the way. If you are looking to shore up your skills before summer comes to an end, we can’t wait to see you at The Fundamental Factory! Contact us today to register before it’s too late.


No matter how many hours you spend practicing your shot, you won’t reach a truly elite level without the right instruction. Shooting is an art that takes precision, and like all great artists, you need to learn the fundamentals before you can branch out and become a master with your own style. That’s where our premier youth basketball camp, The Shooting Lab, comes in. Our veteran instructors have shooting down to a science, and we will teach your Hooper the fundamentals to improve their shooting accuracy and build the muscle memory that all elite shooters posses. After dialing in the proper shooting form, players will partake in thousands of repetitions to cement the everything they have learned so they can carry it into their next season and build on it for the rest of their career. This Lexington basketball camp fills up quickly, so ensure your kid’s spot while you can! Contact us today to register.


When your kid is around the best, they will become the best player that they can be. When your kid is coached by the best, you can expect to see dramatic changes in their skill level in a short amount of time. Hoop Dreams has been taking passionate youth athletes and developing them into high-level, competitive basketball players since 2007. Coach Mike Scott was an All-American, Junior College player who worked his way to his “hoop dream” when he made the Division One team at Eastern Kentucky University in 2002. Ever since, he has dedicated his life to helping young players achieve their hoop dreams through his youth basketball camps, leagues, and personal training sessions. Hoop Dreams now boasts an impressive resume of collegiate players, and has become one of the premier youth basketball development programs across the country. Given this, we attract talented and passionate instructors and former players who have found their new calling: helping youth basketball players reach their potential.


In basketball, understanding the intricacies of teamwork is key to your kid’s development as a well-rounded player. For those with their eyes set on competitive play or collegiate ball, advancing to the next level is highly dependent on their ability to fit into a team system. A great basketball team is like a well-oiled machine, and your child needs to know their place in it if they want to become an elite player. At Hoop Dreams, our basketball camps focus on real-game situations to familiarize your Hooper with team play — so making the right move will become a reflex, and supporting their teammates will be an instinct.


When the school season begins, your child has many responsibilities beyond basketball. Keeping up with school work, making new friends, participating in clubs, and spending time with the family leaves little room for individual skill development. That’s why it’s so important to sharpen their fundamentals and familiarize them with teamwork and systems during the summer. Plus, your child will always have more fun if they are performing at a high-level, so going into the school season sharp and warm from our youth basketball camps is the best way to ensure that this year is their favorite one, yet. Contact us today to register your child for our 2020 Summer camps!

At Hoop Dreams, we are passionate about helping our campers become the best players that they can be. Let us help your kid achieve their hoop dreams — register for our youth basketball camps today!