1. How to Get A College Scholarship

    You practice night after night, you perform drills, play games, and have a winning record, but what does it really take to get a college basketball scholarship? Being an exceptional basketball player is a large part of what it takes, but grades, having an overall great sportsmanship, and other qualities are what will make you stand out from other hopeful youth basketball players. To enhance your s…Read Some More!

  2. Don’t Just Work Out…TRAIN

    There’s a common misconception among youth basketball athletes today that can make or break their ability to grow into a great player rather than just a good player. The difference seems like a nitpick, but it’s actually really complex and crucial. Are you ready to know the key? Alright, here it goes. There’s a major difference between working out and training. Boom! There it is. Athletes of…Read Some More!

  3. Why Coaches Need to Embrace Social Media

    Calling all basketball coaches, trainers and counselors: Have you harnessed the power of Retweets, likes and shares? Do you know what “Doing it for the ‘Gram,” means? Do you have a Snapchat handle? Well, here’s a news flash: Your players sure do. Love it or hate it, the fact of the matter is there is only one absolute truth about social media in today’s age. It’s here to stay. Your rec…Read Some More!

  4. 7 Mistakes Young Players Make

    Being a successful basketball player comes with hard work, dedication, and making mistakes. Youth basketball players need to make mistakes in order to learn; however, making the same mistakes over and over again will just create bad habits. If order to learn, players need to be aware of what mistakes they are making. With Mike Scott’s basketball camps, youth basketball players can participate in…Read Some More!

  5. What’s A Good Shot?

    Youth basketball players can practice shooting for weeks and months, but if they don’t have the correct form, they are just creating and reinforcing a habit that can become hard to correct. At Hoop Dreams basketball camp with coach Mike Scott, youth will learn the nuances of correct shooting form and will have the opportunity to practice this form through drills and real games. Before young bask…Read Some More!

  6. Brief History of Kentucky Wildcats

    In the spirit of the previous blogs featured on the North Carolina Tar Heels, we thought we would stick to the theme and do a feature on our basketball camp’s home state, Kentucky. An incredibly successful team, the Kentucky Wildcats will be our source of inspiration for youth basketball lovers who are working hard toward becoming great basketball players themselves. Keep in mind that players on…Read Some More!

  7. A Feature on Tar Heels Basketball

    Any basketball fan knows that the North Carolina Tar Heels won the March Madness Championship recently. So we thought we would do a feature on the successful team. From the very beginning in 1910 through today, the Tar Heels has seen some of the most successful basketball players, coaches, and seasons, and even record breaking wins. Here are a few just to get started: The Tar Heels have won 18 Atl…Read Some More!

  8. Practice These Offensive Skills

    When youth dream of becoming a great basketball player, it takes determination and dedication to the game. Playing on a high school team every season might not be enough to continue learning and enhancing skills needed to play during college and beyond. That’s where Mike Scott’s basketball camps come into the picture. With personal basketball training, intense drills, and practice playing on a…Read Some More!

  9. Register For the April Basketball Camp!

    Spring is around the corner, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop practicing the sports you love. Basketball season is in the winter, so it may have been a couple months since you have played on a team, but that’s no reason to give up and spend the summer months not maintaining and enhancing your skills. Participating in a basketball camp and having the support of a basketball coach to ke…Read Some More!

  10. What Kids Learn From Playing on a Team

    Without realizing it, just being on a team sport will provide you with lessons that can be hard to learn anywhere else. Team sports like basketball give youth an opportunity to spend time with other kids and work together to achieve a common goal. During the summer, or after school, basketball leagues or training camps can provide kids who love the sport a chance to have fun while being on a team …Read Some More!