1. Mistakes to Avoid as a Young Basketball Player

    Every basketball player must learn from their mistakes at a young age. The earlier your child can correct their struggles on the court, the quicker they can grow their skill set. That said, here are five of the most common mistakes made by youth basketball players today. Forgetting about the “trip…Read More

  2. What to Expect From Our Summer 2019 Basketball Camp

    Is your favorite basketball player ready to take their game to the next level? The Hoop Dreams team is excited to announce our summer 2019 basketball camps in Lexington. Whether your player is just starting out on the hardwood or has been playing basketball for several years, we have a camp that’s…Read More

  3. Reasons to Get Your Child Involved in Basketball

    You’ve heard it before — sports are great for a child’s development. In this post, we thought it would be good to explain how basketball specifically can serve as a foundation for your son or daughter as they get older. Here are five reasons to get your child involved in basketball: Physical f…Read More

  4. How to Get A College Scholarship

    You practice night after night, you perform drills, play games, and have a winning record, but what does it really take to get a college basketball scholarship? Being an exceptional basketball player is a large part of what it takes, but grades, having an overall great sportsmanship, and other quali…Read More

  5. Don’t Just Work Out…TRAIN

    There’s a common misconception among youth basketball athletes today that can make or break their ability to grow into a great player rather than just a good player. The difference seems like a nitpick, but it’s actually really complex and crucial. Are you ready to know the key? Alright, here it…Read More

  6. Why Coaches Need to Embrace Social Media

    Calling all basketball coaches, trainers and counselors: Have you harnessed the power of Retweets, likes and shares? Do you know what “Doing it for the ‘Gram,” means? Do you have a Snapchat handle? Well, here’s a news flash: Your players sure do. Love it or hate it, the fact of the matter is…Read More

  7. 7 Mistakes Young Players Make

    Being a successful basketball player comes with hard work, dedication, and making mistakes. Youth basketball players need to make mistakes in order to learn; however, making the same mistakes over and over again will just create bad habits. If order to learn, players need to be aware of what mistake…Read More

  8. What’s A Good Shot?

    Youth basketball players can practice shooting for weeks and months, but if they don’t have the correct form, they are just creating and reinforcing a habit that can become hard to correct. At Hoop Dreams basketball camp with coach Mike Scott, youth will learn the nuances of correct shooting form …Read More

  9. Brief History of Kentucky Wildcats

    In the spirit of the previous blogs featured on the North Carolina Tar Heels, we thought we would stick to the theme and do a feature on our basketball camp’s home state, Kentucky. An incredibly successful team, the Kentucky Wildcats will be our source of inspiration for youth basketball lovers wh…Read More

  10. A Feature on Tar Heels Basketball

    Any basketball fan knows that the North Carolina Tar Heels won the March Madness Championship recently. So we thought we would do a feature on the successful team. From the very beginning in 1910 through today, the Tar Heels has seen some of the most successful basketball players, coaches, and seaso…Read More