Damian McPherson

11u Head Coach

Damian "Coach D" McPherson, originally from Piscataway, NJ, is a basketball enthusiast who honed his skills at Cecil Community College before transferring to Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) on a full scholarship. It was at EKU where Damian formed a lasting friendship with teammate Mike Scott. Despite his self described "energetic quiet" demeanor, Coach D played a role in founding Hoop Dreams in 2007.

Coach D has since moved into a career with Toyota while remaining actively involved in developing athletes and prioritizing family time. Described by his college coach Travis Ford as "an extremely hard worker who does everything in his power to see that the team succeeds," Coach D currently serves as the 11u Head Coach at Hoop Dreams. He continues to contribute to Hoop Dream's and his team's success while maintaining his dedication to the sport and his community.