Are you a basketball parent? Are you stressed about how you’re going to help your child with virtual learning? Then, Hoop Dreams Virtual Learning Academy is the place for YOU!

We’re committed to supporting our players on and off the court, and we’re proud to offer the Virtual Learning Academy where we can combine supporting your child in online learning as well as improving their basketball skills. Athletics and academics go hand in hand. Learn more and enroll your child today!

COVID-19 Policies

  • We have policies in place to protect your child and your family.
  • Daily temperature check of each student and coach prior to entering the facility.
  • Students perform virtual learning and have all snacks/lunch on their own assigned yoga mat.
  • No sharing of devices or personal items.

Daily Requirements

  • Students must bring the following each day:
  • Fully charged device, charger, and headset/earbuds for virtual learning
  • Personal yoga mat to perform all virtual learning and to consume lunch/snacks
  • Lunch, snacks, and beverage
  • All supplies needed to complete their work.


Drop-Off/Free Time (all students must be dropped off by 8:45)
Setup work area in prep to login to virtual learning
Virtual Learning

45 Minute Break for Lunch/Free Play

Basketball Skills Training Session (Conditioning Included)
Virtual Learning Continued/Study Hall/Quiet Time
Academy is Over, Pick-Up Begins
All Students must be picked up


Hoop Dreams – Lexington, KY

We utilize a high-quality, player-focused approach to youth basketball, and are passionate about supporting our players on and off the court — that’s why we’ve developed the Hoop Dreams Virtual Learning Academy. We know that supporting our players and their families during this time means doing all we can to support their academics along with their athletics. Contact us today to enroll.


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