An Overview of Our AAU Club Basketball Teams

At Hoop Dreams, we’re all about helping young basketball players thrive and develop both on and off the court. One way we do this is through our highly competitive AAU basketball program. Whether your player wants to hone in on a specific skill or part of their game, or simply remain involved in intense game play outside of the high school season, trying out for the Hoop Dreams AAU basketball makes a lot of sense.

What to Know About the Amateur Athletic Union 

Today, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) strives “to offer amateur sports programs through a volunteer base for all people to have the physical, mental, and moral development of amateur athletes and to promote good sportsmanship and good citizenship.” As you can see on the AAU boys basketball website, the AAU family raises tomorrow’s leaders on today’s playgrounds, one athlete at a time.

Learn More About Our AAU Basketball Club Team in Lexington

There’s no question that participating in AAU basketball will make you a more well-rounded player. Contact Mike Scott of Hoop Dreams for more information.